Mike Bingham accident donation information.

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Mike Bingham accident donation information.

Mike has been an advocate and pillar in the vaping and motorcycling community for years! Please join us in helping the Bingham family!

Click here to make a donation! -Via GoFundMe


From the GoFundMe page:

"On June 29th, 2018, Mike Bingham was enjoying a beautiful weekend ride through North Carolina mountains with close friends.  Though an experienced and responsible rider, Mike lost control of his motorcycle and plummeted nearly 70 feet off the side of a mountain.  Through quick actions of his fellow riders, Mike was stabilized and subsequently airlifted to the closest trauma facility.  

Mike has sustained serious injuries to include several broken ribs, severe trauma to the brain, extensive nerve and muscular damage to his right arm, and a severe laceration to his left shoulder.  His breathing is aided by a ventilator and the long term extent of any permanent brain or nerve damage is yet unknown.   

What IS known, however, is that Mike is an extremely hard working man who provides for his family which includes his loving wife, Liz, two daughters and a son.  The road to recovery for Mike will be long and arduous and, without his income, his family will be left in a significant financial crisis.  

We all have our own concerns and worries, however, let's all do what we can to help this cause,  secure in the knowledge that in times of need, Mike and his family have been, and will continue to be there for any of us found in the same unexpected predicament."


From The Daily Times:

"A South Carolina man was in critical condition Saturday after crashing his motorcycle on the portion of Calderwood Highway known as “The Dragon” one day before.

Staff at the University of Tennessee Medical Center said 38-year-old Michael Bingham, of Belton, was in critical, but stable, condition.

Bingham was operating a Yamaha motorcycle at mile marker 4 when he lost control, traveled into the oncoming lane and went off the road, according to a preliminary crash report from the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Bingham was flown by Lifestar helicopter to UT Medical Center.

The crash occurred around 3:50 p.m. Friday.

Blount County Rescue Squad Public Information Officer Laura Osgood said the motorcyclist landed between 40 and 60 feet down an embankment. He was wearing a motorcycle helmet, according to the crash report.

Squad members worked with the Blount County Fire Department and AMR ambulance personnel to package him, pull him back up to the roadway and take him to a Lifestar helicopter.

“County fire deployed their rope system and the squad and the medic units attended to the patient and provided medical care,” Osgood said."


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